1990-1998 The origins, the intuition and the development project.

The insurance agent Alessandro Taddia decides to change his life and starts his own business: he closes his relationship with Unipol and founds the TADDIA Infortunistica. The first agency is born, followed shortly by two others. Starting from 1995, the Infortunistica aims immediately at the potential of the internet acquiring the domain infortunistica.it and .com. The website is online and it will always remain one of the Group’s strengths for functionality and innovation. Since 1998 the franchising formula has been developed with meticulous care, studying multiple forms of affiliation, calibrated to the different needs of the potential franchisee.

2000-2002 The promotional exploit and the communicative evolution.

At its tenth birthday the brand makes its “debut in society” on the prestigious spotlight of MOTORSHOW. Afterwards the great VINCI UNA SMART (“win a smart”) competition is organized, followed by the SMART DAY meeting. Since 2001, the first national advertising campaigns have been launched on the Mediaset networks with the sponsorships of GRAND PRIX and GUIDA AL CAMPIONATO. Finally, it remains on the top of the sector with a full-page six month publication on QUATTRORUOTE in combination with the folds differentiated by region.

2003-2008 Affirmation of the formula and new horizons.

Alongside the development of the professional activity, the Group takes care of the brand image with great attention. Advertising campaigns are carried out on the most important local and regional media, along with sponsorship of sports initiatives and sponsorship of sector events. The accident management technique is constantly refined with a technological research that will lead to the creation of proprietary software. Finally, internal procedures for the optimization of resources and results are progressively improved.

In parallel with the renewal of the lucky partnership with Mediaset (with an investment of over 1,400,000 euros in TV commercials and TV promotions on the most successful programs such as “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”, “Seriously Jokes” and “Colorado Cafè”) the new centralized management formula for the accident management is launched.

The continuous improvement work to facilitate not only the approach to the Customer but also the relationship between the Head Office and the Affiliates gives life to an advanced system that radically transforms and reorganizes the company. All this with the support and coordination of the legal, health and commercial sectors.

2009-2010 Diversify to strengthen.

The Group broadens its field of action by managing accidents at work, in cases of medical malpractice and finally giving life to the brand new Big Claims Division which deals with the most complex cases of refunds. This further evolution of the company is formalized with a redesign of the brand that replaces the noun “Infortunistica” (“road accident”), now insufficient and limiting, with “Taddia Group – from 1990 the Security of the Refund”. This is to clearly state the new attitude of the Group, which represents the certain, reliable and complete response to the requests of an increasingly large and demanding public.

Taddia Group has worked and invested in contents, making centralization more fluid and functional, enhancing claims management and legal and health structures, implementing staff and creating customized programs and effective quality control procedures. The same philosophy has been applied to the design of the new website. Developed to be disseminated on social networks and to satisfy customers loyal to the virtual world, thanks to the creation of the first online agency, able to increase the potential of each affiliate without increasing costs. In fact, a new state-of-the-art management program was devised, designed to make it easier and more precise to include practices directly from the customer.

Taddia Informa – the magazine

In 2002 Taddia was founded initially as house-organ company and then transformed through three numbers in tabloid format, finally becoming a real information magazine. A glossy and colorful magazine with style and quality content that attracts the appreciation and interest of an always increasing number of readers. Taddia Informa has to be considered the first magazine specialized in compensation, in FREE distribution in all affiliated agencies and in the affiliated centers Taddia Group.

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