Our proposals.

TADDIA Group allows the franchisees to invest their business skills flexibly and without risk, choosing among 3 different formulas. The remuneration is proportional to the initial investment and furthermore it is possible to take advantage of favorable and personalized economic conditions.

All the formulas are based on a “Turnkey” system that includes:

  • Launch package: All you need to open and especially make the agency operational.
  • Maintenance program: Continuous services not only of support and assistance but also of updating to continue the business successfully.
  • Assistance: both during the pre-opening and start-up phases and the continuation of the activity.

360 ° services

  • On-site training course aimed at acquiring not only theoretical but also practical skills (terminology and legislation, customer acquisition, education and start-up practices, marketing and development, neurolinguistics programming);
  • Telephone and telematics assistance (to transmit not only the necessary skills but also to support the implementation of agreements with professionals, insurance agencies, body shops, etc.)
  • Stipulation of first local conventions
  • FRequired supplies: banner plates and management software on loan for free use; office consumables (Letterhead – Business envelopes – Sack bags A4 size – Punched envelopes for practical opening).

Supply of office equipment and advertising material (provided one-off):

  • Business cards
  • Color leaflets
  • An information and  presentation brochure
  • Three posters for office decoration
  • A TADDIA Group manual
  • No. 1 TADDIA Group operating manual
  • Custom stamp with mark
  • Three stickers for the affiliates

In addition to this, the package includes the planning and implementation of the launch advertising campaign (radio advertising programming and distribution of the first supply of leaflets to be paid by the franchisee))

Continuous and centralized services managed directly by the Management: professional figures specialized in the various sectors deal with the most important and especially delicate phases of the affiliated agency’s activity. Since its opening, the franchisee can thus respond to the needs of the customer with widely tested solutions based on many years of experience and the specific know-how of the Head Office, which follows directly:

  • The management of compensation and health care practices of the customers
  • Legal extrajudicial and judicial support
  • Assistance for commercial development
  • Telephone and telematics assistance to conduct the activity
  • Software Updates
  • The assistance on the management program use
  • Personal training
  • Periodic refresher courses
  • Continuous advertising and promotional assistance
  • The collection and reorganization of regulatory updates for the upgrade of the professional activity
  • The updating and promotion of the institutional website
  • Continuous restyling of the company image
  • The study and continuous planning of innovative commercial and promotional initiatives and also advertising campaigns.
  • Preliminary assistance: Locating the sites – agency organization – assistance in bureaucracy
  • Training Courses: The 20 years experience in agency management of the Franchisor is transferred to the Affiliate through targeted marketing and business management courses in place. The courses deal with all the topics from the acquisition of the customer and the practice up to customer loyalty and agreement techniques
  • Side-by-side assistance for the first period: Assistance for opening and coaching in the stipulation of agreements and partnerships for service provision to customers and procurement practices.
  • Continuous assistance and updating:periodic refresher courses both on-line and in-house (during office hours).
  • Institutional Communication: Corporate magazine with national distribution, Trademark advertised on the main specialized and sector magazines, sponsorships, promotion of the brand on the Internet, advertising campaigns on national television and radio networks.
  • Communication at local level: ssistance in the production of leaflets, radio advertising, mailing, radio communications, press publications, advertising campaigns in shopping centers and cinemas.


To the traditional franchise affiliation formula, TADDIA Group is able to offer a great opportunity to WOMEN who want to be professionally and economically fulfilled. A project that aims not only to enhance their potential but also to maintain the identity of the role of women within the family. Minimum economic investment and, above all, protection from business risks.
That’s how the #WOMAN PROJECT was born

  • Ability to manage all types of claims
  • Initial training course of 4 days in classroom;
  • Free loan management software;
  • First supply of flyers with letterheads, envelopes, cards and business cards;
  • Assistance not only technical but also operational;
  • Visibility on the website;
  • Availability through national toll-free number;
  • Merchandising and advertising with web order service;
  • Centralized management of accidents through the Claims Department;
  • Reserved access to the company intranet

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