Serenity After the injury.

Addressing to TADDIA Group means finding the serenity after the injury suffered because the damage management is entrusted to a structure of specialized consultants. Our goal is to obtain a fast and optimal compensation for the physical or moral damages suffered.

In addition, our fees are recognized by insurance companies and therefore the compensation of the customer is intact.

In addition to this, ours is a system that is not only complete but also at the forefront because it is able to offer a network of excellent services thanks to agreements with the main suppliers of products and services.

The guarantees of our services:

  • Zero advance payment and 100% physical or material damage compensation.
  • Medical advice not only specialized but also free.
  • Efficient and quality legal protection above all.
  • Wide range of affiliated operators.
  • Operational offices distributed throughout the territory.
  • Class action

Accidents at work

Road accidents

Cases of medical malpractice

Major accidents

Mortal accidents

Legal assistance

Other type of accidents

360 ° services

  1. Free medical advice without advance payment
    We have a wide network of specialists to rely on for the necessary medical advice.
  2. Booking of visits
    We book all the necessary visits and examinations in public and private specialized institutions.
  3. Agreed Physiotherapy Institutes
    We have agreements with a wide network of doctors’ surgeries to perform the necessary treatments and therapies.
  4. Designation of the medical examiner
    We reserve the legal medical reports necessary to qualify the damage to the person resulting from both temporary and permanent disability.
  1. Tow truck
    We provide the transport of the damaged vehicle at the contracted workshop with total advance payment.
  2. Replacement car
    We give the customer a replacement car during the technical stop necessary for the car repair
  3. Estimates and car repairs
    At our affiliated body shops you can not only repair but also collect the car without down payment as the same will be compensated by those who caused the damage.
  4. Assistance to companies
    Recovery of economic damage due to the absence of an employee or a member involved in a traffic accident and other damage due to fires, r.c.t. and more.

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